StumbleUpon roll out New design, New logo and New features

StumbleUpon, a link discovery service rolling out a major makeover. Today when I visit the StumbleUpon and found a totally redesigned website, a brand new logo, and a new “channels” feature that lets users subscribe to content streams curated by publications, websites, celebrities and brands.

The first thing users will notice about the redesign is the logo. Web surfers are familiar with blue and green “SU” logo, which has been replaced with a simple orange circle with a more elegant “SU” design which may be derived from Ubuntu logo as both have same orange circle.

The site’s user interface also got an overall new makeover. A new good-looking Red & White logo, minimal menu having only three items – Home, Profile and Discover. It’s new profile page looks like the new YouTube design if you already enable the new YouTube design than you can compare. The Stumble bar which serves as the service’s main navigation tool now has far fewer buttons compare to the old toolbar, which makes the voting buttons much more visible. The Stumble button is first on the bar, followed by the selected category of link discovery, voting buttons, simple share and comment icons and the name of the user who submitted the link. The bar also has an integrated Explore Box, a feature StumbleUpon added back in August that allows users to search for more specific categories.

Another important update is the addition of Stumble Channels, which is a way to directly explore content from sites, celebrities and brands. There are now over 250 channels available, which have been hand-picked and authenticated by the StumbleUpon staff to assure best quality. Each channel is curated by the celebrity or brand, but it exists separate from the overall discovery algorithm. Eventually, the channel feature may be rolled out to all users, who may wish to create a specific channel for their band, website, etc.

The new Discover page gives you three options – interest, channel and Stumbler, from which you can grow your network by following more suitable Stumblers to your profile and like more interesting pages easily because it recommended only those pages which match with your interests. There is no more changes in the new Discovery page layout, while navigating to the settings page there no likes and interest page also removed extra information like books, music, games, movies etc.

Let us know the review and experience of new StumbleUpon makeover.