How To Enable New Design Of YouTube

Google slowly rolled out new designs for Google and its services like Docs, Gmail etc. and now Google revamped YouTube homepage with a new slick design. Google integrated the latest Google+ social network in YouTube and added content discovery features.

Right now if you browse YouTube, the new YouTube look hasn’t yet appeared for you but a small trick will help you to preview new YouTube design instantly. This trick only seems to work in Firefox and Chrome browser.

How To Enable the New YouTube Look

  1. To enable new YouTube design follow simple below steps.
  2. Open YouTube either in Firefox or Google Chrome.
  3. Open up your browser’s development tools: In Firefox : Ctrl + Shift + K (For Windows user) or Cmd + Shift + K (For Mac user) and In Chrome : Ctrl + Shift + J (For Windows user) or Cmd + Alt + J (For Mac user)
  4. Then add this string of hack code to the console:
  5. Close your development tools and refresh YouTube homepage to enjoy the new design.

The hack works perfectly for me and you can see in the screen shot also code won’t melt down your computer. If you want to check the latest YouTube design then try and take a look.

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