BrowserTexting App to Send & Receive SMS Text Messages on Your Computer

Android is the most popular mobile operating system across the world due to lots of apps and its open source. If you use your android phone to send and receive SMS often and looking for handy keyboard replacements for the Android phone which make it easy to type, then BrowserTexting Android app will help you.

The free BrowserTexting app lets you sync your phone to your browser, so you can send and receive SMS messages right from your computer’s web browser to the all contact of your android phone. In order to use BrowserTexting, you’ll need the app installed on your Android smart phone. To get started follow below steps.

How To Use BrowserTexting app to Send & Receive SMS Text Messages

  • Install browsertexting app into your android phone from Android Market.
  • After which you’ll be prompted to install the app Barcode Scanner. If you already have a QR scanner installed on your phone, no need of this step anymore.
  • Go to on your computer and click the Start texting from this browser now.
  • Scan the QR code displayed to connect your phone to your browser.

Now you can use the contacts stored in your android smart phone and send SMS texts to them right from your computer’s browser. This webapp will work on all popular browsers including internet explorer, Firefox, chrome, safari and opera. If you want desktop notifications when you receive a SMS, you can install the Chrome extension, and connect through the extension of your chrome browser, to get access to your contact list from a handy pop up window instead of the browser.

Once you’ve connected your phone to your browser, you can easily send text messages to individuals or to group texts to up to five recipients at a time. To send a message to more than one person, just hold down the ctrl or alt button as you’re selecting names. BrowserTexting gives you unlimited incoming texts and up to 50 outgoing texts from your browser per day, but if you want unlimited incoming and outgoing texts there is premium offer. Premium accounts starting at $9.99 for one year, for 3 years: $24.99 and in $39.99 you can use for life. You can try out a Premium account free for 30 days.

BrowserTexting app only works for Android smart phone and not for Apple iPhone as Apple does not allow third party applications to access the sms send and receive functionality of the iPhone.

Take a look at some handy features of BrowserTexting

  • Desktop notifications
  • Sound notifications
  • Private mode (message content is not shown in desktop notifications)
  • Delivery status (hover over timestamp)
  • Tab and message history saved locally in browser
  • Uses your current phone number and contacts
  • Live-sync between BrowserTexting chat and the inbox/outbox on the mobile
  • Auto-sync with phone contacts
  • Cross browser compatible (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • Works without WiFi connection (mobile data is sufficient)
  • Chrome Extension
    – No dedicated tab or window necessary
    – Popup notifications

Check out the below screen shot in which I connect my Android phone to the my computer’s Firefox browser. It works like a charm without any problem.

Do let me know via comment if you get any problem and share your experience of BrowserTexting WebApp + Android App.

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