How To Create Personalize Avatars of the Android mascot of Your Liking

Google has announced a new service called Androidify, lets you create your own custom Android avatars if you get bored with the plain old green Android.

The free service allows android users to control small details of the avatar and can change it as you like. You can choose different body type, face size, hair style, color, clothes accessories and even facial marks and scars from Androidify to make the mascot you want to see also you can stretch it, shrink it.

Androidify is available for all devices running Android version 2.1 and above. You can download Androidify by paying nothing as Google has made this service available absolutely free of cost so that all the android smart phone users can change Android robot as per their choice. Androidify is only available for Android OS and you can’t install on other OS. Check out the official video of Androidify below.

You can share the personalize avatars created by Androidify on various social networking sites and even can be downloaded on computers to be used in places of regular pictures. If you want this awesome app for your android device you can download it from Android Market.

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