Blogspot Blogs gets the new .in Domain Extension

One of the big surprise for me when I browse my blogspot blog which was before like is redirected to So I checked official Google blog which was before and that also redirecting to At 1st I think that this redirection is geographical and only affects the Indian blog but after checking Google blog its might be clear that they have changed the domain extension from .com to .in for all blogger blogs.

This domain name changes affects the SEO of blogs which have good page rank and Alexa rank as all the blogger blogs now counted as a new blogs. People who are using blogger blogs needs work hard for SEO. Google still not yet confirmed why they have done this redirection or no any news on their official blogs. Google also suggest webmasters that don’t change your domain names as changing your domain name will affect your search engines rankings, largely because each search engine responds differently to such changes, but you can substantially limit the damage done.

If you are using your own custom domain for blogger blogs than you no need to worry but the users who have hosting on Blogspot, need to start their work again to perform well in search engines.

I also don’t know that all blogs are redirecting to .in extension or its geographical, let me know what’s extension of your blogspot blog via comments.

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