Watch Full Length Bollywood Movies With Movieplex On Yahoo! India

Before few months ago, YouTube India launched box office channel to showcase the Bollywood blockbuster hits where every month one can watch popular movies free from the Indian cinema. YouTube already had collection of lots of Hindi and regional films online. After the huge success of YouTube box office, Yahoo! also launched a new service called MoviePlex to the online movie business in India.

On MoviePlex you can watch your favorite movies anytime, anywhere. The movie library of yahoo! is limited at present compare to YouTube Box office but we will see more popular movies in future.

Difference between Yahoo! MoviePlex and YouTube Box office

  • You can watch movies on YouTube in HD while the movies on Yahoo! MoviePlex are currently in SD but good quality.
  • Movies on Yahoo! are free and there is no ads while movies on YouTube have in-stream ads every 10 minutes.
  • You can watch YouTube movies on iPad but movies on Yahoo! MoviePlex can’t, as Yahoo! uses Flash Video Player and thus you cannot watch the movies on devices that do not support the Flash Player.

Do let us know the experience of full length movies on Yahoo! MoviePlex, do let us know from YouTube and Yahoo! who wins online movie business via comment.

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