RockMelt – A Social Browser For Facebook

RockMelt, a new browser designed around you and how you use the Web. RockMelt is not still popular and only few people know about this new browser which built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. As RockMelt is built on Chromium, it’s fast, secure, and stable.
RockMelt Social Browser For Facebook
Users of Google Chrome will feel at home, because RockMelt is built on Chromium, you can see here the power of open source technology. As Google launched the Google+ social project, Now Facebook and RockMelt are officially working together in a product partnership to make Facebook more social. Facebook made no investment in RockMelt, nor is it going to help promote or distribute the browser, at least initially, but in future we can’t say what happens. If you are a big fan of Facebook then this is one of the best browser for you.
RockMelt Facebook Browser
There are several features in RockMelt like Quick Access to Facebook Friend Requests, Messages, and Notifications. Check out the full feature list below.

RockMelt Browser Features

1. Brand New Friend Edge

  • Expandable View with names and favorite status
  • Scrollable
  • Swappable Friend Edge and App Edge
  • Friend search
  • Chat status can now be changed to online / offline even easier
  • Option to hide offline friends
  • Improved context menu when right-clicking friends
  • Unified View of Friends: Favorite Friends and Other Friends now shown together
  • Drag-and-drop to remove or add friends to Favorites

2. Facebook Friend Requests, Messages, and Notifications

  • Confirm and reject Friend Requests
  • View and reply to Messages
  • See Notifications and the associated item of interest (status updates, links, or photos)

3. Unified and RockMelt Experience

  • Universal chat experience from RockMelt – no more duplicate chat windows and friend lists
  • Initiating chats on will open chats in RockMelt
  • Universal Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications right in RockMelt – no more duplicates on

4. New Facebook App with Photo Album Viewer
5. Quick access to your own Facebook Profile
6. Better Chat

  • Previous chat history now shown when chatting with friends
  • Improved notification when chats are received
  • Simplified chat window

7. Easy status updater
8. One-click Quiet Mode button
9. Twitter: Option for growl and taskbar notifications for incoming tweets
10. (Mac) Scrollable App Edge so you can get updates from even more Apps
11. (Mac) Share Improvements

  • Quick image picker – just click on the embedded image to see all the ones that can be selected
  • Link titles and descriptions can now be edited

Do let us know the speed and browsing experience of RockMelt, do let us know your views and feedback about Facebook integration experience via comment.

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