How To Use a Custom Domain Name For Your tumblr Blog

There are many free blogging platforms are available but tumblr micro blogging is different from all of them. Right not there are 40,487,518 blogs on the tumblr and increasing numbers day by day. Blogger and also offers free service like tumblr but tumblr is bit different from them. One of the best feature of tumblr blog is robust Submission feature by which your friends and audience can contribute posts on your blog.

I love the re-blogging feature of tumblr which enables to share post of any tumblr blog on your tumblr blog and there are lots of free themes available and also you can make your own theme. also has beautiful themes but in blog you can’t customize theme in free service also you can’t place ads and mapping a domain you already own costs $12.00 per domain, per year while in tumblr you can place ads and domain mapping is free. On Blogger blogs you can place ads and map domain in free but there is no re-blogging feature and submission features.

Creating a blog on tumblr is very easy. If you own your own domain name than domain mapping is easy and free. You can use your custom domain name or sub domain name for your tumblr blog with the all features and by editing theme you can place ads on your tumblr blog by which you can make money.

How To Use a Custom Domain on Your Tumblr Blog

To setup custom domain for your tumblr blog, login to your DNS management tool from which registrar you buy a domain. Then you’ll need to follow the registrar’s instructions to point the domain’s A-record (IP address) to If you own a domain name on then you can find the information for A-record from here.

Please note that you only need to change your domain’s or sub-domain’s A Record, not its name servers. And, you don’t need to forward or redirect anything, you only need to change the A Record so find A record and place the IP address and save your changes. After setting up A record of your domain for tumblr blog you can check if your domain is properly configured or not with the help of Custom Domain Test Tool.

Once you’ve done A record change, you may need to wait up to 72 hours for the change to take effect. If the domain is set up properly, you should see the Tumblr home page when you visit your domain. Almost done!

Now login to your tumblr account and click the name of your blog at the top of the Dashboard, and click Settings. Check off “Use a custom domain name”, and enter your custom domain who’s A record you have before changed in the DNS setting. Click “Save Changes”, and it’s done now. Enjoy the awesome re-blogging and community feature of tumblr blog with your own domain name.

Do you have any blog on tumblr? Let me know your experience of tumblr blog posting and repost feature via comment.

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