How To Play Angry Birds Without Connected To Internet

Most popular game angry birds now available now available for you Windows PC which hits more than 30 million download for Android smart phones. But the native windows installer pack is demo version of Angry Birds game. If you don’t want to pay and still wants to play game in PC.
Angry Birds
As you can play Angry birds in any browser by visiting, but you must be connected to internet. If you are offline means not connected to internet and want to play Angry Birds, here is a small trick.

Play Angry Birds Without Connected To Internet.

You can play angry birds without connected to internet. You all need a Google Chrome browser and Angry Birds Chrome extension. You can download Angry Birds extension from here. Simply download the extension and install it and start crushing the green pigs. you will find Angry Birds in the Apps section of your browser from which you can play without connected to internet. Enjoy the game…

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