How to Download Yahoo Email

There has been a time when Yahoo used to offer free POP3 access to Yahoo Mail service but now Yahoo offering POP3 access service as premium, which means that users had to pay to use it. So users were no longer able to download emails from Yahoo Mail using desktop email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird. Thanks to Google for awesome feature in their Gmail from which you can download your important Yahoo mails.
Yahoo Mail
If you have email account with Gmail than it’s easy for you to download your old emails from yahoo mail.

How To Download Yahoo Mail Using Gmail

It’s simple trick to download yahoo mails with the help of Gmail, as Gmail provides POP3 and IMAP access free of cost to all their users. To download follow below instructions.
Gmail Settings
Login to your Gmail account.
Go To mail settings and find Accounts And Import.
Click On Import mail and contacts and a new window will open.
Enter Your Yahoo e-mail address and continue. And than follow rest online instructions.
After follow all instructions you done. Gmail will import your all emails within few days.

After few days you will see all your yahoo mails in Gmail will Yahoo e-mail address label. Now it’s time to download your email using free POP3 access service of Gmail. Enable POP3 access in your Gmail account.
POP3 Access In Gmail
Now it’s time to configure your desktop email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird. After configure you will get all your mails in your personal computer. That’s it.

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