Google Docs Users Now Have 5GB GDrive Space

Today when I upload a file to the Google docs it shows me 1GB space but when uploading starts, immediately increases from 1GB to 5GB. That’s really strange for me as Google still not announced the increase in the GDrive space.

According to the Google support documents, Every user is given 1GB of free storage space for files, and can purchase additional Google Docs storage to upload larger files. So the increase in the space from 1GB to 5GB is really pretty good for Google Docs user who want to upload more doc files online to use it remotely.

How To Increase GDrive (Google Docs) Space to 5GB From 1GB

To increase the space of Google docs from 1GB to 5GB, you all need to do is login to your google account and open Google Docs home page. Now check your Free Google storage space by clicking on the upload icon, you will find 1GB storage space.

Now upload any file and see the magic, your space will be increased from 1GB to 5GB.

This trick works fine for me, let me know via comment does this trick works for you and increases the Google Docs storage space from 1GB to 5GB.

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