Access All Your Online Files From Just One Place

Today all people want to get access to their files remotely to use it at any place and that’s why cloud computing becomes famous. Many companies like Dropbox, Box, Google, SugarSync provides some free spaces and if you want more space you need to pay. So people creates accounts on all the services to save some buck, and the big problem is to manage all these services.

Otixo, the new online app lets you connect your favorite online cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, MobileMe, SugarSync, Picasa, Amazon S3, FTP, etc. to better manage your files in the web browser, anytime anywhere. Otixo is free service and public beta, to get access to files across all your favorite online services from a single interface and then share them with your colleagues and friends no matter where your files are located in the cloud.

Key Features of Otixo

  • Search and find your files across many cloud-based services in one simple step.
  • Move files from one service to another without downloading them first to your computer.
  • Access your many online services with a single username and password.
  • Use your mobile devices to access all your online files in one app.

Otixo’s file explorer acts similarly to a normal desktop file explorer. You can go inside a folder, open a file, copy and paste, and do other basic file/folder actions. You can too mount Otixo as a network drive and manage all the files in your online services directly from Apple’s Finder or Window’s File Explorer.

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