Upload An Image From a URL To Your Server In WordPress

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin from which you can upload image from URL and save into your WordPress media upload folder on your server? As you all know there were two options for adding an image to a WordPress post – 1. Save image to your computer and then upload it through the image manager and 2.Enter a URL of source image and “hotlink” it from there.

Check out the above image which I uploaded from a URL(Image Credits : Photobucket) without downloading my computer and without any WordPress plugin. Did you know the WordPress image uploader is quite happy to save and crunch images directly from the net using image source url?

Instead of saving an image and then uploading it, open the image uploader, click on ‘choose files to upload’, paste the URL of the image into the file path as shown in the below image and click Open. WordPress will quite happily grab and crunch the image and let you will find that image on your server instead of hotlink.

Please note that when you paste image url and hit open button, it will take bit time but don’t worry it works fine in both Firefox and Chrome browser.

Do let us know does this trick works for your or not? if you have any queries or if you have any more suggestions or points which I might have missed, do let us know the experience of image uploading from URL in WordPress via comment.

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