Monthly Archives: November 2011

How To Enable New Design Of YouTube

Google slowly rolled out new designs for Google and its services like Docs, Gmail etc. and now Google revamped YouTube homepage with a new slick design. Google integrated the latest Google+ social network in YouTube and added content discovery features. Right now if you browse YouTube, the new YouTube look hasn’t yet appeared for you […]

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Google Introduce New Search Feature Verbatim

Google announce on the inside search blog that they are removed the “+” operator which before helps to search specific terms. According to Google + operator was being used by fewer people and not used correctly. Google team received lot of requests from users to tell Google to search using your exact terms. Google works […]

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Turn Your Android Phone into a Sound Meter

Have you ever know how loudly you speak and measure you noise or how much volume you need to hear clearly while watching television. A free small Android app can help you to measure the noise with the help of your android phone. Download sound meter app from android market and launch the app. Now […]

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